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How can RAG help create more personalized content


One of the most notable benefits of RAG is the speed at which it can generate content. Unlike traditional methods, which can spend hours or even days researching, writing and editing, RAG can produce high-quality content in minutes or even seconds. This means that as a marketer you can respond quickly to changes in the market, new trends and customer questions. In addition, as a marketer you can scale up the production of (quality!) content without adding extra people or resources. This is valuable for projects that require a large amount of content.


Furthermore, RAG makes it possible to personalize content at a level that is difficult to achieve with traditional methods. By us number list data about individual users, RAG can generate content specifically tailored to the needs and interests of the target group, leading to higher engagement. On top of that, RAG makes it easier to maintain a consistent tone and style. This can sometimes be a challenge, especially with larger marketing teams. RAG can be programmed to generate content that meets specific

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And now I hear you thinking, but

AI-generated content is never of the same quality as that of a human. True, the quality depends on the input and training the Uruguay phone number list  receives, but RAG certainly has the potential to produce consistently high quality and highly relevant content. This is because it can access extensive databases of information and combine them in ways that produce new, compelling content. So RAG gives you as a marketer a powerful tool to make the way you produce content more efficient, personal and effective.


Generation (ou can say that RAG

Imagine having access to a chef who can prepare dishes using ingredients from the best cuisines in the world, all in seconds. This chef can not only perfect existing recipes, but also create new recipes that perfectly suit your taste. This is similar to what Retrieval-Augmented works in two steps.

Personalized Email Campaigns

  • First, when it receives a question or command, it looks for the most relevant information from a huge database, similar to how a search engine like Google works. It searches for relevant sources that can answer the question or are relevant to the topic.
  • Second, after finding this information, RAG cell phone numbers list an advanced AI model, similar to a highly advanced copywriter, to interpret this information and use it as a basis to generate new text. This could be an answer to a question, article, product description or, for example, a customer service response.

For marketers, this means that RAG provides access to a means to quickly and efficiently produce content that is tailored to specific topics, needs or target groups. It’s a way toile also saving time and resources. It’s like having a personal content chef at your disposal, ready to meet your marketing needs at any time. Enjoy your meal!

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What are use cases for RAG?

  • Example: e-commerce company uses RAG to send emails with product recommendations. These are tailored US phone number list each customer’s previous purchases and search behavior, significantly increasing open and click rates.
  • Automatic content creation for blogs
    Example: a travel agency uses RAG to generate informative blog posts about destinations, based on the latest travel trends and data. This increases their number of website visitors and impro.

Shown in a Striking Color

Also Ensure That It is Which Filters Have Been Selected. Is the Product That Your Future Customers Will Love Not Included in the Selection? Then It is Clear That This is a Selection and They Can Easily Click Away From This Filter and Start the Search Again. This Way, They Can Still Leave Your Website With a Satisfied Feeling and a Completed Order. Measuring is Knowing: Can You a/b Test? So Do It In Our Database We See That the Above Tips Often Work Well. If You Cannot a/b Test , Our Advice is: Implement It! Do You Have Enough Traffic to a/b Test? Then It is Always Interesting to a/b Test the Individual Advice. This Way You Can Best See Based on Data What Works for Your Website and to What Extent. This Helps You to Understand Your Target Group Better and Better.

This Ban on the Female Body

Makes Us as a Society a Lot More Prudish. In Addition, It Makes Important Topics That Are Already Taboo Almost Impossible to Talk About. The Influence of Controversial Content on Our Brain If There is One Thing for Sure, It is That Sex Attracts the Attention of Many People. Whether It Really Promotes Sales of a Product Remains to Be Seen. Within Our Brains, Millions of Neurons Start Firing When Sexual Cues Are Picked Up by the Senses.

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In Particular the Reward

Areas in the Brain , for Example Within an Advertisement.  Such a Popular Tool in the Advertising World. The Brain is Already in the Starting Blocks. The Neurological Assessment However, Capturing the Attention of Your Audience is Not the Only Venezuela phone number list You Need for a Successful Campaign. Sex Not Only Makes the Lights in Our Brains Flash, It Also Brings With It Many Associations. While These Are Very Pleasant for Some People, There Are Also People Who Experience This as Negative or Offensive. The Neurological Assessment? Sex Only Works if the Product You Want to Sell Also Serves a Direct or Indirect Sexual Function.

Because Moving Elements in the Environment

This Used to Be Important, Could Alert Us to Danger. Even Today, It is an Evolutionary Advantage to Pay Attention to Things That Suddenly Change. Just Think of a Train or Car That Arrives Unexpectedly. You Want to See That So You Can Avoid It. Also Read: the Importance of Filters in Your Webshop [research] This Ensures That Moving Parts of an Online Store Also Attract Attention. This Extra Attention Can Count on More Use of the Filter, More Successful Search Processes and Thus More Purchases. 3. Make Filters ‘sticky’ This Advice is an Extension of the Previous Tip: Make Sure That the Website Filters Are Always in View. More Attention Means a Greater Chance That They Will Be Used.

Unfortunately, We Sometimes

See That Filters Remain at the Top of Long Pages, Causing Them to bulgaria telephone numbers From View. A Simple Way to Solve This is to Make the Filters Sticky So That They Scroll Down. Dissolved! 4. Make It Easy: Place the Most Important Filters at the Top With Any Form of Behavioral Change, the Easier You Make the Desired Behavior, the Greater the Chance That It Will Actually Be Carried Out. Make It as Easy as Possible for Your Store Visitors by Placing the Frequently Used Website Filters at the Top.

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This Increases the Chance

That Visitors Will See Filters That Are Relevant to Them More Quickly, Resulting in More Orders. 5. Provide Clear Vietnam phone number list  When You Are Working on a Task, It is Always Nice to Receive Confirmation That You Are Doing Well. This Also Applies to Your Website Visitors . The Last Tip is to Provide Clear Feedback to Your Website Visitors. Does a Potential Customer Click on a Filter? Then Clearly Show That the New Options Are Being Loaded, but Not Only That.

The dynamics of the team are clear

It is important that you compare apples with apples. Especially if you also use indirect channels, such as TV advertisements, you will have to take this into account in the model. Large amount of data is needed source: Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock Open source or closed source Marketing Mix Model? The big tech guys have different Marketing Mix Models you can use. For example, Meta has a model called Robyn , which is supported with AI/ML. Google also followed suit at the beginning of March with the Meridian model . Both models are open source and use data libraries from their parent companies. The great thing about these models is that they are adaptable to the wishes of the organization and its goals.

Although this is the biggest advantage

Adapting and maintaining it also requires a lot of specialist knowledge from a data nigeria cell phone numbers Not every organization has that knowledge in-house or available. The closed source models from various suppliers are more accessible. These solutions often come with implementation support, specialist knowledge and maintenance. An MMM is far from plug & play , but a solution from a supplier makes it easier to start with an MMM.

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In the long term you can see it as

A disadvantage that the knowledge is not built up internally and that there are limitations in terms of adaptability. Who is the best player? Back to the marketing team Ukraine phone number list the introduction. The key question is still: which player is the most important? An MMM gives you insight and helps you formulate a data-driven answer. You are able to map out exactly to what extent email marketing contributes to success, just like SEO. and you have insight into how success is achieved and which players play together. It is valuable and extremely important to take the team to the next level.

For many organizations

What does the optimal use of a channel look like? What is the impact if the investment in marketing decreases (or increases) by 20%? How much influence does a channel have on sales/conversion? What is the best way to divide my budget across different channels? The model also includes non-marketing communications. These are influences such as season, promotions and price. You can say that a Marketing Mix Model gives you a helicopter view of your entire marketing.

It is a rock-solid solution to give you real insights that you can use

A well-designed and powered MMM is able to provide good phone numbers in guatemala of the impact of your marketing. Ideal for scenario planning, building a solid marketing strategy and budgeting. A Marketing Mix Model for every marketing department and CMO? Although an MMM sounds like the holy grail for marketing departments and CMOs, there are important considerations.

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This is how you need data

Lots of data over a longer period. And good quality data. Most Marketing Mix Models, both open Thailand phone number list and closed source, require at least 2 years of good quality data to be able to predict. bringing together consistent data is difficult, especially over a long period of time. Channels such as Google Ads, Meta Ads and TikTok generate a lot of data at a high speed, such as reach, frequency and clicks. There are many data points that need to be formatted for the MMM and from which you need to select the correct, relevant variables.

An MMM helps answer various questions

Especially considering the fact that a journey to the customer increasingly takes place with zero-clicks & dark social . Marketing Mix Model – the next step A Marketing Mix Model is an econometric model, based on multilinear regression, that helps quantify the impact of different marketing communications, channels and non-marketing communications on sales (or other business goals). Simply put: an MMM is a model that gives you a lot of insight into the effectiveness of your marketing. Per channel, per expression, offline and online, winter or summer and despite price changes.

Marketing Mix Model gives

You an overview source: alphaspirit.it / Shutterstock What data does an MMM use? Almost all MMM asian phone numbers aggregated data. By aggregating data you stay away from individual data. Because of that aggregation, MMM can take into account a wide range of channels and external influences. The following data points are often (and not exclusively) used when building an MMM: Digital media, such as social media and banner advertisements.

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Concrete examples are data on reach

Frequency and clicks; Traditional media, such as television, out-of-home and radio; Business Korean phone number list that can impact conversions. Consider stock levels or staff availability; Market forces, such as the relative price of a product compared to the competition; External factors, such as weather, seasonality or economic conditions (e.g. inflation and consumer confidence). As you can see, an MMM takes into account many factors that influence the business objectives (sales). What does a Marketing Mix Model deliver? An MMM therefore gives you insight into how much each marketing expression and channel contributes to sales and how much investment is required per marketing expression and channel.

Further development eventually led

In this article I will discuss the developments of attribution towards the Marketing Mix Model. I explain what it is, the pros and cons of such an MMM and what steps you need to get started. From single-touch to multi-touch to Marketing Mix Model In 2019 I wrote an article about attribution . In that article I outline a so-called ‘ buyer journey ‘ in which different channels influence the final conversion to customer.

But which of those channels is the most important?

Think of it as the 2019 version of the football team analogy. In that article I list of indian phone numbers fairly simple and relatively stupid attribution models: single-touch & multi-touch attribution models. Just briefly, what are those models again? The simplest form of an attribution model is the single-touch model. This essentially assumes that one channel is responsible for 100% of sales.

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An outdated model now

But you have to start somewhere. o multi-touch attribution models. These models take more into account time, different channels and the value of the channel. However, these are often predefined values ​​at a channel and Russian phone number list in the journey. In other words: for example, when someone converts from lead to MQL (marketing qualified lead) through an email, email is assigned 35% of the sales value. While this can also be the result of a sum of other channels. Also read: These are the latest Google updates & products [EMEA 2023] Multitouch attribution is an improvement over single-touch, but still limited and quite rigid.

When someone asks you

Don’t miss a Content Conference with Odido, Achmea and Zeeman [May 30] 2.4k like bookmark Ruud Buijserd from Ruudbuijserd.nl 2.4k March 26, 2024 at 8:00 am 5 minutes reading Imagine: your marketing approach is a football team. At the peak are the Performance Ads.


At the back center are

SEO & india mobile series campaigns and in the midfield, email marketing, together with social media advertisements, is doing their best to make the marketing team work. And with success. You, as coach of the team, are continuously looking for the right composition of the team. A little more branding or more performance advertisements. Depending on the challenge, you adjust the team.

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New on Frankwatching Advertising

Bol: this is how the new sponsored products system works 11:00 How Dove, Aldi, Trivago & other brands use AI in their campaigns 08:00 Helpful content: the backbone of SEO success [case] Mon : which player is the best and the most important? What do you say then? Are you going for rush hour? You can easily link Peru phone number list results to the advertisements. Or more for the defenders; SEO & Branding Campaigns . A difficult question to answer as a coach. After all, it is a team that achieves the desired result through the right teamwork. Fortunately, the marketing world does not stand still and there are more and more ways to gain insights. The use of a Marketing Mix Model is becoming increasingly popular.

This is How the New Sponsored

You Can Compare It With a Helpful Store Employee. You Recognize It Immediately, You Know Exactly Where to Find It When You Need It and It Shows You Where Your Favorite Products Are So You Can Put Them in Your Basket. New on Frankwatching Advertising via Bol: Products System Works 11:00 How Dove, Aldi, Trivago & Other Brands Use Ai in Their Campaigns 08:00 Helpful Content: the Backbone of Seo Success [case] Mon I’m Referring to the Tool That Filters the Search Results of Your Website. If You Organize This Optimally, It Will Be Your Best ’employee of the Month’.

The Easier It is for Visitors to

Find What They Are Looking for, the Greater the Chance They Will Check Out and the Higher Your Conversion . At Unravel We Have Been Running  Tests for Years to Optimize These guatemala phone number example Filters From a Psychological Perspective. In This Article I Give You 5 Tips to Make That Happen. This Way You Ensure That Visitors. Are Encouraged to Get Started With the FilterResulting in More Customers Finding What They Are Looking for and More Conversion . 1. Ask Your Visitor a Question You Can Organize the Copywriting of Your Website Filters in Different Ways.

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We Recommend Asking Questions

Copywriting. So Don’t Show ‘colors’ as the Title of a Filter, but for Example ‘what Color Nigeria phone number list You Want?’ Why This Works? People Are Social Beings and Are Strongly Inclined to Answer Politely When Asked a Question. This Ensures That We Are Stimulated to Think About Our Wishes for the Product We Are Looking for and Are More Likely to Complete the Filter. Every Step in the Ordering Process Increases the Chance of a Purchase. 2. Attention: Let the Filter Vibrate Briefly A Second Way to Encourage Visitors to Your Online Store to Use the Filter is to Make It Vibrate Briefly When Landing on the Page. The Reason We Automatically Pay Attention to Moving Elements is Because This is Programmed in Our Brain.

Themselves While Breastfeeding

Topics Such as Abortion and Gay Marriage Are Considered Less Acceptable Than by Previous Generations. Also Read: Authority & Social Proof Are Indispensable in Your Marketing Strategy for 2024 The Naked Image Has Largely Been Removed From the Beaches, Wearing a Swimsuit in Saunas is Becoming Increasingly the Norm and Klm Asks Mothers to Cover . Social Media Makes Us More Squeamish Where Opinions Become More Conservative, Fashion Becomes More Controversial. While We Started the Pantsless Trend Last Year, the Trendiest Item This Paris Fashion Week Was None Other Than the Nipple .


Walking Down the Street Without

Pants and a Bra is Perhaps the Cheapest, Easiest and Most Environmentally Conscious Trend We’ve Seen in a While. Social Media, the Online ‘reflection’ of Our Lives, is Not Happy With This Trend. Nudity is Punished. Nipples on Social Media Are Prohibited. At Least, Female Nipples. A Platform Like Instagram Does Not Want to Show Sexual Images. New cell phone number list Are Continuously Being Devised and Deployed With the Aim of Detecting Female Nipples. Images That Violate the Nipple Ban Are at Risk of Removal or Account Ban. Ban on the Female Body Now That Ai is Also Being Implemented in This Search, You Can Imagine That This Can Sometimes Go Wrong.

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Is There a Ban on Showing a

Female Body, or a Body That Identifies as Female? What Happens if You Are Transgender? When Does a Torso Change From Neutral to Offensive? It is a Fact That Using Sexy/controversial Content in Your Marketing Strategy is Difficult on Social Media. Yet We Go a Macedonia phone number list Bridges Too Far When Campaigns About Menstrual Products Are Banned for Promoting ‘sexual Material’. This Happened With the Bodyform Brand , Which Was Silenced by Meta by Using Anatomically Correct Names Such as ‘vulva’. Meta Also Rejected an Advertisement With an Image of Sanitary Towels With the Following Reasons: Advertisements Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, Such as Contraception and Family Planning, Must Be Aimed at People Aged 18 and Over and Must Not Focus on Sexual Pleasure.

According to the Asa

Column – You May Not Have Missed the Recent Fuss Surrounding Fka Twigs’ Calvin Klein Poster Campaign. (Advertising Standards Authority), the Poster is Said to Present the Singer as a ‘stereotypical Sex Object’, Which Means That Public Presentation of the Image Should Be Prohibited According to the Asa. A Remarkable Decision, Especially After the Viral Calvin Klein Campaign by Jeremy Allan White , Whose ‘nudity Content’ Was at Least as High.

Is There Still a Double Standard

When It Comes to Our Tolerance of Nudity Between Men and Women? The Older Generation usa number list Us Can Probably Still Remember the Psp Poster Campaign Called ‘disarming’ From 1971. This Campaign Shows a Completely Naked Woman in a Meadow. Where Twigs Used a Jacket to Leave Some Things to the Imagination, That is Not the Case Here. Do These Controversies Indicate an Increasing Prudishness Within Our Society? Or Do They Emphasize the Power of Fuss as a Marketing Strategy? Sex Sells, Right ? We Are Becoming More and More Conservative Compared to Our Parents, for Whom Sunbathing Topless Was a Natural Part of the Summer, We as a Generation Have Dived a Lot Deeper Into Our Shells.

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For Years, the Sociological

Rule of Kenya phone number list Was: ‘ the Younger, the More Progressive’. Since Young People Were Generally Better Off Than Their Parents, a Hopeful and Progressive View of the World Made Sense. Due to the Climate Crisis, the Recent Pandemic and the Ongoing Wars That Young People Witness in Real Time (an Average of 5 Hours a Day), That Future Has Suddenly Become Very Uncertain. Young People Are Less Open to Different Ways of Thinking.