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Imagine having access to a chef who can prepare dishes using ingredients from the best cuisines in the world, all in seconds. This chef can not only perfect existing recipes, but also create new recipes that perfectly suit your taste. This is similar to what Retrieval-Augmented works in two steps.

Personalized Email Campaigns

  • First, when it receives a question or command, it looks for the most relevant information from a huge database, similar to how a search engine like Google works. It searches for relevant sources that can answer the question or are relevant to the topic.
  • Second, after finding this information, RAG cell phone numbers list an advanced AI model, similar to a highly advanced copywriter, to interpret this information and use it as a basis to generate new text. This could be an answer to a question, article, product description or, for example, a customer service response.

For marketers, this means that RAG provides access to a means to quickly and efficiently produce content that is tailored to specific topics, needs or target groups. It’s a way toile also saving time and resources. It’s like having a personal content chef at your disposal, ready to meet your marketing needs at any time. Enjoy your meal!

Phone Number

What are use cases for RAG?

  • Example: e-commerce company uses RAG to send emails with product recommendations. These are tailored US phone number list each customer’s previous purchases and search behavior, significantly increasing open and click rates.
  • Automatic content creation for blogs
    Example: a travel agency uses RAG to generate informative blog posts about destinations, based on the latest travel trends and data. This increases their number of website visitors and impro.


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